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Looking For Help With Your Home Loan

One of the more popular ways to buy a home or refinance an existing loan during the last 10 or so years was with a variable rate mortgage. These guaranteed loan approval for bad credit offered lower payments compared to fixed rate loans and you could pretty much get a loan with any credit score and even secure zero down mortgages.

Then everything came to a halt and the housing market and the economy began to suffer terribly. People lost their jobs lenders went out of business and property values started to plummet fast. This left a lot of home owners in the position of not being able to refinance their ARM loan. Once their rates started to adjust they started to miss payments and many lost their homes to foreclosure.

Once the foreclosures got to be bad enough the banks started to develop programs to help their borrowers modify a mortgage that they were having a hard time paying for, in a lot of cases they even allowed modifications with bad credit scores and missed mortgage payments. The goal was to stop the rising foreclosure rates and also help the banks from losing millions of dollars a month.

What Does a Mortgage Modification Do For Borrowers

A loans bad credit monthly payments modification is where your lender will look at your current situation and decide to change the terms of your loan in order to make it more affordable for you. This will not only help you keep your home and your credit rating good but the bank or lender benefits as well.

How Do I Get a Mortgage Modification With Bad Credit

Since the only one who can help you modify your loan is your current lender you need to start by contacting them right away. Tell them what is going on and be prepared to answer some detailed questions about your home, your finances and anything else that pertains to your mortgage.

Upon reviewing this information the lender either will modify your loan or do nothing, although chances are they will help you. They normally change a ARM mortgage over to a fixed rate at the same rate yo had when you go the loan. Or they can still keep your guaranteed approval bad credit adjustable but extend the fixed rate period. Most lenders will also review each client in about 6 months to make sure they are still able to pay the payments.

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